Camps for Troubled Young Adults in the NW

Camps for Troubled Young Adults in the NW

All too often we hear, see or experience some of the pressures and conflicts many young adults endure in today’s society. Not that many of these concerns weren’t there before, they just seem to be more prevalent today. The real and perceived pressure to succeed in school or the high expectations of a new career path or even peer pressure can quickly take its toll on young minds. This in turn can lead to changes in behaviors ranging from the subtle to the drastic. For those that find themselves succumbing to the pressures of their environment, Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy offers highly effective camps for troubled young adults in the NW.

Camps for Troubled Young Adults in the NW

In the company of other young adults in similar situations and a team of qualified therapists, doctors and guides, the wilderness is an ideal setting for these young people to reflect on their past, consider the present and look forward to their futures.

Outside of their common element and away from the pressures that may be contributing to their destructive behaviors, Rites of Passage students will learn to overcome the challenges and obstacles of daily life.

They will learn to empower themselves and to take responsibility for their actions.

Employing our unique, multi-level therapies approach including daily group and intensive but nurturing individual sessions, we work with our students to identify any underlying issues which may have brought them to us.

By using our Rites of Passage wilderness therapy model, our camps for troubled young adults in the NW have our students drawing on their own strengths, skills and abilities to work through those issues. As a result, our students leave our camps with the knowledge, confidence and self-reliance to make better choices leading to a healthier lifestyle and in many cases, the ability to help others. Call today for more information (800)794-0980.