Wilderness Therapy For Binge-eating disorder: B.E.D

Wilderness Therapy For Binge-eating disorder: B.E.D

Not as frequently mentioned as other eating disorders, Binge Eating Disorder, or B.E.D. is a serious condition in which a person eats well beyond a normal portion when eating. While everyone overeats, B.E.D. is constant, unfortunately causing teens to rapidly gain weight and seriously affecting health. In contrast to bulimia, which can also be life-threatening, those who suffer from the disorder do not purge after binging.


Binge-eating disorder: B.E.D


Similar to alcohol and drug abuse, binge eating is a relationship with food in which the person does not how to stop. Once a teen sits down to eat a meal or snack, they may continue eating until they are in great pain, and are physically unable to keep eating. A side effect of B.E.D. is being overweight or obese, which may cause other serous health problems, such as heart disease and high cholesterol.

Other symptoms of B.E.D. can include eating rapidly while eating, feeling out of control, eating when one is not hungry, eating alone or in secret, depression and anxiety, and frequent dieting with no success or progress. The causes for B.E.D. or unknown, and science has not developed a solid correlation with nature or nurture.


How Wilderness Therapy Can Help:

How can Rites of Passage NW help with B.E.D.? Firstly, we have strict guidelines with respect to eating when a teen has a known eating disorder. Portion control is a must, and we begin with authoritative exercises, but let the teen slowly take charge of their own diet. Meal planning and calorie counting is part of our program. While here, a teen will eat our completely holistic and healthy diet of food. It may take some getting used to, but we have found it very effective to help break the cycle of B.E.D.