ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment

ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment

ADHD Diagnosis & TreatmentWhen you suspect that your child may be exhibiting signs of ADHD, it is important to complete a professional evaluation. In many cases, as children are hyper at times, parents should not immediately assume that ADHD is always the issue. At Rites of Passage, our staff is able to complete ADHD diagnosis & treatment, in addition to teaching students that good behavior and positive habits can assist in making ADHD more manageable in the long run.

Symptoms of ADHD

Some symptoms of ADHD include the consistent lack of attention, hyperactivity, and the desire to be impulsive. ADHD in many cases is misdiagnosed, or in many children and young adults, labeled as something else all-together including a discipline or behavioral issue.

Those individuals with ADHD will experience significant difficultly paying attention, sitting still when they are expected to be patient, or will in some cases impulsively act on desires without taking the time to consider any potential or harmful consequences.

ADHD can frequently interrupt a child’s learning abilities, and in some cases disrupt an individuals developmental level in school.  Due to bordem, lack of focus, or distraction that a child experiences daily with ADHD, sometimes sitting in class can be extremely challenging and unproductive.

Some tell take signs of ADHD Include:

  • Easily distracted and appears to be “daydreaming” frequently
  • Carelessness in schoolwork and difficultly paying attention
  • Skipping from one activity to the next when one project is left uncompleted
  • Not listening when being spoken to directly
  • Forgetfulness

At Rites of Passage Wilderness, our staff is able to successfully diagnose ADHD in children and young adults, and suggest alternate methods of treatment and positive activities aside from traditional medication that most physicians prescribe.

For more information regarding our ADHD diagnosis & treatment programs, contact Rites of Passage at (800)794-0980 to schedule a consultation.