Addiction & Chemical Dependence Treatment Programs

Addiction & Chemical Dependence Treatment Programs

It can be stressful and extremely concerning when a young adult is dealing with challenges including performance issues in school or college which may signal a larger more significant problem, being dependency or chemical abuse. The severity and full extent is not always obvious to those people around the individual, but in many cases, addiction & chemical dependence treatment programs may be required to determine this information.

When you suspect that your child may be using drugs and alcohol, chances are likely that this is in fact the case. In most young adults, there is a larger issue casuing this behavior which should be determined and addressed, in order to take any corrective steps necessary for full treatment.

Substance abuse is a disorder that refers to the abusive use of legal substances, which is most cases in alcohol. This disorder can appear in many forms depending on the individual including lack of school attendance, poor performance, and the obvious changes in close relationships between family and friends.

Substance dependence refers on the continued and frequent use of drugs or alcohol, even after problems including psychological and physical health issues may have developed. Increased tolerance, no desire to refrain from the substance by the individual, and clear withdrawal from social and family activities are all signs of a substance dependency issue.

Chemical dependence describes the compulsive use of drugs or alcohol and the inability to refrain from utilizing them.

At Rites of Passage, we utilize a 12-step morel into our addiction & chemical dependency program, and offer both individual and group therapy.  We run relapse-prevention workshops with our students and family members, which includes a full aftercare strategy for when a student graduates our program.

Our staff members are able to determine the larger issue at hand in order to aid in the successful treatment of addiction & chemical dependence problems in young adults.

If you believe your child or loved one is struggling with addiction & chemical dependence abuse, and want to learn more regarding our addiction & chemical dependence treatment programs, call Rites of Passage at (800)794-0980 for help.