A Natural Balance to Bipolar Disorder

A Natural Balance to Bipolar Disorder

Encountering Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder, previously known as Manic Depressive Disorder, is recognized by severe mood swings from polar highs to polar lows that span multiple days at a time. The seemingly “normal” emotional balance between these manic extremes can make it difficult to separate the manic episode from surrounding circumstances. Without a proper diagnosis, it can be hard to tell if your teen is having a manic episode related to Bipolar Disorder or if they are simply reacting emotionally to normal life events.

Once a Bipolar Disorder diagnosis is made, it is most commonly treated through a mix of medication and therapeutic treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. And that’s where Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy can help your teen find balance.

Finding your Balance

Rites of Passage is a Washington teen therapy program conveniently located near Seattle, Washington. We take teams of youth backpacking throughout the Olympic National Park and surrounding National Forests lands, giving them an opportunity to disconnect from everyday stressors and find their own balance in nature.

Our nomadic therapy program for youth helps them establish controls for regulating their emotions by learning new skills, overcoming challenges, and working together in group settings. Nature provides the perfect setting for finding our own inner flow. By spending time in the outdoors, we learn to move and operate on a natural time table in sync with the rhythms of nature.

A consistent, healthy diet is a key component to regulating our emotional health. It can be very difficult to find our emotional balance when our bodies are constantly reacting to stimuli from our foods like sugar and caffeine. With Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy, your teen will be able to create their own natural rhythms on a solid foundation of healthy foods, pure filtered water, and regular exercise all rooted within the natural container of the wilderness.

Our Wholistic Approach

Of course, Rites of Passage is more than simply backpacking in nature. We support the whole family through this season of transition. Our licensed therapists will work with your teen through writing letters home, one-on-one sessions, and in group settings. They will also work with the families directly to help create wholistic solutions that can be maintained after your teen completes our program and returns home.

We will work closely with you to maintain and regulate your teen’s medications, if applicable. Our trained field guides will work with your teen through daily challenges and lessons. They will facilitate group counsel around the fire at night, teach your teen new outdoor skills, and help them overcome obstacles on the trail, achieving heights they never thought possible.

Wilderness therapy is more than just an escape, or therapy outside. At Rites of Passage, our treatment program for teens is immersed in nature because we believe it is the best container for addressing mental health issues in a wholistic way. So often, the struggles we face can take over our field of view making us feel isolated, alone, and defeated. When we can begin to see ourselves as an integral part of something greater, then we can begin to see how we are connected to the natural world around us, the communities we live in, and to the families that hold us most dearly.

To learn more about Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy and how we can support your teen working through Bipolar Disorder, please call us at 800-794-0980, or email us at roptherapy@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you.