Month: December 2015

An Effective Residential Extended Care Facility in the USA

Residential Extended Care Facility in the USA
The healing from addiction and other severe emotional and behavioral disorders takes time. Unfortunately, the fast pace of today's society can at times, interfere with this process. An individual that has made the decision to become completely clean, sober and ready for life should have this option available to them without impediment. A facility that offers a safe, secure and supportive environment away from the daily distractions of life will allow these individuals to focus. They will be able to better concentrate on their treatment, health, wellness and other important factors in life like family. An effective residential extended care facility in the USA provides this opportunity to people from around the world. Residential Extended Care Facility in the USA Designed as an extension of previous recovery or treatment programs, the ultimate goal of this facility is to prepare an individual to transplant themselves from an unhealthy environment to a healthy, supportive lifestyle. As can be imagined, the changing of behaviors is not a quick process. Without the negative influences or technological distractions of everyday life, individuals are able to free their minds, work with experienced, certified therapists and get back in touch with their own emotional, physical and psychological state. Daily interactions with other clients or trail family, their home family and their therapists, individuals will begin to understand their own responsibilities. Learning the importance of exercise, eating properly and getting plenty of rest as well as facing daily challenges on their own and with their trail family will guide each person toward self-reliance, patience, confidence and self-respect. Mentoring, being involved in the local community as volunteers or even attending school will show these individuals they have more to offer their own communities on their return home. Changing behaviors by learning new skills and revitalizing old hobbies will certainly be the bases for starting a new, healthy lifestyle in a new environment. For more information regarding an effective residential extended care facility in the USA, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW, Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980.

Responsibility and Education Key at a Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the Northwest

Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the Northwest
The teen aged years have to be the most difficult in life; constantly hoping that the changes felt on the inside are not showing on the outside. Trying to handle all the social issues facing kids at this age can cause a great deal of stress which can ignite any number of emotional issues which could lead to over eating. From another angle, a habit of over eating causing obesity can elicit any number of emotional problems. No matter which path may have been taken, there is an effective solution to both. If your overweight teen is seeking to change their eating behaviors, an effective camp for overweight teenagers in the Northwest may be the answer. Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the Northwest The first thought of a camp for overweight teens is that of large people in baggy sweats doing jumping jacks, push-ups and tripping over tires on a football field. Not all camps are modeled after a traditional fat camp. Some take an alternative approach to weight loss such as the changing of behaviors through responsibility and education. Although weight loss will no doubt be evident by the end of camp due to various outdoor activities, students must first accept responsibility for themselves. It is important that each individual understands they are responsible for the choices they make and the actions they take; this is an integral part of the behavior changing process. Excessive weight gain is not due only to how much is eaten but what is eaten. A camp which includes a complete nutritional program will educate students in the preparation of delicious holistic foods. Including family in this portion of camp will ensure the continuation of support upon the return home. Daily sessions with a certified therapist will reveal any underlying emotional concerns which may be a factor in an individuals over eating. These concerns can then be treated greatly enhancing the successful change to a healthier lifestyle. For more information regarding this very effective camp for overweight teenagers in the Northwest, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW, Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980

Developing the Necessary Tools with Wilderness Therapy in North America

Wilderness Therapy in North America
At any given point in time there is an exponential number of children and young adults across the United States suffering from one or more emotional, behavioral or substance abuse concerns. Add in the number of affected youth in the rest of North America and around the world and that sums up to an astronomical number of kids in need of help. It can never be argued that seeking treatment for these individuals should be a priority in any country. Assisting troubled youth, even those in the international community develop the tools necessary to break self-destructive behaviors and make healthier choices is a safe, secure and supportive environment offering a variety of wilderness therapy programs within North America.

Wilderness Therapy in North America

It may not be unusual for some to believe that challenges such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, obesity, chemical dependence or substance abuse as well as other emotional or behavioral disorders are solely individual concerns; the effects of these individuals behaviors however, can be long reaching and be quite destructive to an entire family unit. An alternative, holistic approach to a tough love boot camp, an effective therapy program will combine traditional counseling with natural health and wellness. Empowering students to draw on their own skills and strengths, they first must understand they are responsible for their own choices and the consequences of their actions.

Students will face natural challenges and work with others to overcome obstacles; learning to work together and communicate effectively. Students will take responsibility for their own cooking, shelter and navigation developing self-reliance, self-respect and the confidence to break self-destructive behaviors and make better choices. Among the life changing activities being experienced, students will continue with intense but nurturing therapies to access any underlying concerns which may be influencing poor choices. For more information regarding these effective wilderness therapy program in North America, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW, (800)794-0980. Helping our troubled youth make better choices.

Helping People From Around the Globe in a Long Term Rehab Center in Washington State

Long Term Rehab Center in Washington State
It doesn't seem to matter the country, the poor choices made by some in one part of the world tend to elicit the same behaviors of others making similar poor choices on another part of the planet. People are people and there are no borders preventing the numerous emotional and behavioral concerns that come about by the making of poor life decisions. The quest for help in changing poor behaviors by those seeking a healthier lifestyle also seems to be universal. To achieve the desired results, an effective longer term treatment facility may be required. Aiding individuals from around the globe is the focus of one such long term rehab center in Washington State. Long Term Rehab Center in Washington State Designed specifically to build on previous recovery programs, this center assists students to recover a sense of purpose, belonging and personal fulfillment. Offering a more structured program, students prepare for their eventual reintegration to the main stream of society. Students move forward with their treatment as they are ready. Starting their day with daily chores in and around the facility, students may also attend school, life classes, revisit hobbies and interests of years past as well as try new activities. When ready, students may volunteer in the community, learn new job skills and even mentor new arrivals. Students will face many of the daily challenges life has to offer and experience the natural successes and failures of those challenges learning new, effective methods of dealing with either. Continued one on one and group sessions with certified therapists will assist in recognizing and treating any underlying emotional concerns of students; thus treating the whole individual and not just the behaviors. The changing of behaviors would not be complete without learning the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and sleep.Certified nutritionists and counselors will teach students the benefits of rest, activity and how to prepare delicious holistic foods. Students from around the globe leave this long term rehab center in Washington State fully prepared and confident to maintain a new, healthy style of living. For more information, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW, The Ranch, (800)794-0980.

Successful Camps for Troubled Young Adults in the USA

Camps for Troubled Young Adults in the USA
Growing up is not always as easy as some make it sound. Parents tend to forget the challenges faced during those years of being seniors in high school or juniors in college. The number of influences crossing the paths of young adults these days is mind boggling. It's not surprising the negative behaviors displayed by a few as result. A host of negative influences are only a portion of the obstacles faced by these young adults. There are subtle setbacks that can have emotional effects on a person as well. Many of these upsets can also lead to bad choices and poor behaviors. Before emotional and/or behavioral concerns consume an individual's daily life, consider attending very successful camps for troubled young adults in the USA. Camps for Troubled Young Adults in the USA A camp run by professionally certified and experienced therapists, counselors, nutritionists and wilderness guides would maintain a program structured to keep all students steadily moving forward with their treatment. At the same time however, enough room is given to achieve personal treatment goals. Students may struggle at first with the many obstacles they will face in camp. They will experience the natural consequences of their success and their failures. They will use their own abilities and learn new methods of dealing with either. Combining health and wellness with mental health, camp programs facilitate a change in lifestyle; from eating healthier, sleeping better, enjoying alternative activities to making better choices. Ultimately, students will discover a renewed sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-respect; all this in turn allows them to understand the responsibility they take for their actions will ultimately direct the course of their future. For more information regarding extremely successful camps for troubled young adults in the USAcontact us today at Rites of Passage NW, Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980.