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The Path to Health and Wellness with Rites of Passage NW in the USA

Rites of Passage NW in the USA
The number of challenges facing our kids, youth and young adults in today's society is staggering. It seems as though parents are considered lucky if their children have not succumbed to the negative influences they face daily. Regardless of social economic background, there appear to be no boundaries as to who can and will fall into addiction or adopt any number of emotional or behavioral concerns. When a problem or concern becomes apparent, it is of the utmost importance to begin the process of seeking help as soon as possible. Rites of Passage NW in the USA will produce life changing results in all their students.Rites of Passage NW in the USAFollowing the recognition and acceptance of a problem, removing an individual from the influences that may be the contributing factor of negative behaviors would be the next logical step. Upon reflection of their past, an individual should gain the understanding that they are responsible for their own actions and the consequences of their behaviors. With this, the healing has begun. Rites of passage can be defined as a graduation of sorts from one stage of life to the next. Ensuring an individual has a clear understanding of the lessons taught in one phase of treatment is important to move on to the next.Knowing where they have been can certainly assist in getting an individual to where they want to go. Facing and overcoming daily challenges, students will renew their sense of self, build confidence, self-esteem and respect for themselves and others. They will replace old negative behaviors with new, positive and healthy ones. Aside from daily therapies with certified therapists, students will discover that a healthier lifestyle begins on the inside with good rest and nutrition. Learning how to prepare delicious holistic foods will assist in the process of renewing physical and mental health and wellness.To learn more about rites of passage NW in the USA, give us a call today at Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980.

It’s Never Too Soon for a Weight Loss Program for Kids in North America

Weight Loss Program for Kids in North America
No time is the wrong time to teach our children the importance of a healthy diet. As North Americans, we celebrate a number of festive holidays throughout the year seemingly centered around eating. How many times are the words, 'I ate too much' heard after a meal; with the individual proceeding to lay on the couch instead of going for a walk. If your kids are showing signs of overeating, lack of physical activity or obesity, it may be time to consider an extremely effective weight loss program for kids in North America.Weight Loss Program for Kids in North AmericaAlthough weight loss is likely to occur during any program, in an effective program, the child may not even realize it is happening. Not being a typical 'fat camp', the focus should be the changing of unhealthy behaviors, learning about making good food choices and the participation in healthy activities. In essence, these kids will embark on a journey to health, wellness and nutrition. Following an initial medical assessment, students will be given the time to understand they are responsible for their own actions and the consequences of those actions.With this in mind they will be empowered to make the changes necessary for a healthier lifestyle. Meeting other kids of similar age and circumstance from around the world will build friendships and a support group that will last a lifetime. Participating in wilderness treks, students will discover skills and abilities they were never aware they possessed; they will learn new skills as they learn to find and prepare their own holistic foods, their own shelter and overcome many of life's natural obstacles.Through daily counseling with certified therapists, any underlying emotional concerns which may trigger overeating will be identified and attended to; treating the whole individual and not just the symptoms. With the involvement and continuous support of family, these kids will return home with a sense of confidence, self-esteem and a wealth of knowledge on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.For more information regarding our weight loss program for kids in North America, give us a call today at Rites of Passage, NW Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980.

Healthy Living and Better Choices with a Long Term Drug Addiction Program in the Northwest

What is Wilderness Therapy? How Does It Help?
Taking the time necessary to properly overcome a drug addiction cannot be stressed enough for complete recovery. Placing a time limit on treatment may be viewed as unrealistic due to the deep rooted effects of the addiction. Following the completion of an initial recovery program, it may be suggested to remain in a safe, secure and supportive environment until the individual reaches their treatment goals of becoming completely clean and healthy. A very effective long term drug addiction program in the Northwest will assist an individual to achieve their goals of healthy living and better choices.

Long Term Drug Addiction Program in the Northwest

Believing individuals typically excel in a respectful, supportive environment, this program will contain more structure than others; providing 'students' with a sense of purpose and belonging they may have lost to their addiction. As students learn take responsibility for their actions, they will take on a larger role in the treatment process. Beginning with daily chores, students may eventually volunteer in the community, attend school, participate in transitional work programs, trek expeditions and life skills and management programs. Participation in programs such as those listed will encourage in the development and strengthening the physical, emotional and social muscles required for a healthier lifestyle.

Intense but nurturing sessions with certified therapists will identify and treat any underlying issues such as destructive behaviors, skills deficits, life management problems as well as other emotional or behavioral concerns. For a balance of mental and physical health and wellness, students will learn how to find and prepare delicious, nutritious holistic meals and participate in equine therapy. The increase in self-reliance, self-respect, confidence and patience will empower these students to know when they are ready for the transition home.

For more information regarding our very effective long term drug addiction program in the Northwest, give us a call today at, (888)788-0637. For healthy living and better choices.
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