Month: October 2015

See, Feel the Difference with Wilderness Adventure Therapy in Washington State

Long Term Drug Treatment Center In USA
Parents all over the world do their best to raise their children with the lessons and values they hope will keep them safe and healthy as they enter adulthood. Consciously or not, parents strive to set acceptable examples of how to deal with the many challenges life will place in their child's path. Children, youth and young adults are constantly subjected to the good and bad influences of their environment at home, school or on the playground; Influences which could affect them emotionally in a negative manner. When these negative emotions become apparent, parents will do what parents do best; seek out the best help possible for their children. Wilderness adventure therapy in Washington will have a large impact on changing negative behaviors to positive actions.

Wilderness Adventure Therapy in Washington State

Ideal for those suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety or depression, wilderness adventure therapy not only removes an individual from the influences and chaos of daily life; it encourages individuals to enhance their ability to adapt to different surroundings and situations. Students of this program are empowered to make decisions for themselves and accept responsibility for those decisions and the consequences of their actions while gaining an understanding of themselves.

Participants will engage in a number of activities that will challenge their emotional and physical abilities; they will be presented with individual problem solving initiatives encouraging effective communication and cooperation in group settings. Facing a wide range of challenges throughout their adventures, individuals will learn to prepare their own nutritious holistic meals, their own shelter and navigate.

Incorporating traditional therapies of intensive group and individual sessions with the natural, challenging healing properties of wilderness adventure therapy in Washington State will improve an individual`s self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, respect for others as well as identify any underlying emotional concerns of an individual. For more information regarding our very effective programs, contact Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy today at (800)794-0980. Improving a person`s physical, social and psychological well-being.

Successful Troubled Youth Programs for International and Local Youth

Successful Troubled Youth Programs for International and Local Youth
Regardless what part of the globe we hail from, it may be of little surprise that youth around the world share many of the same challenges and concerns that tend to manifest at a particular junction in life. For the most part, these youth are able to muddle their way through these concerns with the support of family and friends. For others unfortunately, a strong enough system of support may not be available. It isn't unusual for some parents to be unable to provide the help themselves their children need. Without help, youth can succumb to deeper emotional and behavioral problems. It is reassuring to know there has been tremendous success in changing behaviors with troubled youth programs for both local and international youth. Successful troubled youth programs for international and local youth will enable youth to make better choices, live a healthier lifestyle and more productive lives.
Successful Troubled Youth Programs for International and Local Youth

Knowing that people feel better when they eat right, exercise and get a good nights sleep, these programs will combine health and wellness with mental health. Although structured, programs leave plenty of room for students to achieve their personal treatment goals. Students of these programs will face daily challenges. They will experience the successes and the failures of these challenges and learn to deal with both productively. They will learn that they alone are responsible for the choices they make and the consequences of those choices. Students will discover a renewed sense of self worth seeing what they can accomplish on their own.

Daily sessions with certified therapists will maintain momentum and ensure any deep rooted concerns are brought to light and treated. The wilderness has a great deal to offer as a therapeutic approach to changing behavior. It is an environment that demands adaptation and the learning of new skills. Troubled youth programs for international and local youth facilitates a change in lifestyle which in turn will change behaviors. For more information on our very Successful Troubled Youth Programs for International and Local Youth, contact Rites of Passage NW, Wilderness Therapy today at (800)794-0980.

Learning the Balance at a Weight Loss Camp for Kids in North America

It is extremely unfortunate many kids are spending too much time looking at their computer screens seemingly lost in a virtual world instead of enjoying the great outdoors. When outside, they seem to have their mobile devices in hand. On a positive note, these games may enhance their visual acuity, manual dexterity and become whizzes with technology. On the downside, they may not be eating properly, getting enough rest or the physical activity young children need to grow up, not out. Attending a weight loss camp for kids in North America may help both parents and kids understand that variety is key to a long, balanced, healthy lifestyle.
Learning the Balance at a Weight Loss Camp for Kids in North America

Contrary to the mental image some may have of traditional boot camps of forced marches, obstacle courses and little food, there are camps that believe educating their students may be a better method of achieving the desired result. Encouraging students to make better food choices by teaching them how to find and prepare delicious holistic snacks and meals. Providing opportunities for students to become engaged in alternative activities will take them out of the virtual world of excitement into the real world of adventure, learning how to deal with obstacles not just forge through them. They will boost self-confidence by using skills and abilities they already possess and learning new ones to overcome the real challenges life has to offer. Just as important, they will recognize there are real consequences to poor choices.

Certified therapists would understand there may be underlying emotional concerns guiding some of these young students into the inactive, secluded, anonymity of the virtual world. Through intense but nurturing therapies, problems will be recognized and treated. An effective weight loss camp for kids in North America will show kids virtual reality must be combined with a balance of physical activity, a good diet and sufficient rest. For information about attending one of our camps, give us a call today at Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980.

Treating the Whole Individual with Wilderness Therapy in the USA

Weight Loss Program for Kids in North America
When someone both loved and cared for is suffering from emotional and/or behavioral problems, it can be almost instinctive to do whatever possible to help them. Getting these individuals away from any negative influences that may be contributing to any poor choices being made would be paramount. What better location to remove these person's then to the serenity of the wilderness where the fast pace of daily life is replaced by Mother Nature's natural calming influences. There are many therapy options available to help those with any number of emotional or behavioral concerns; a wilderness therapy in the USA however, treats the whole individual, not just the symptoms.

Wilderness Therapy in the USA

Taking a no punitive stance, many people believe poor behaviors should be treated not punished; that negative behaviors can be replaced by making positive and lifelong changes. In lieu of a tough love boot camp, an alternative holistic path combining traditional counseling with natural health and wellness is taken, demonstrating the benefits of a healthier style of life. A rites of passage approach to therapy ensures every individual is ready to move forward with their treatment plan. A unique, multi level line of therapeutic treatment empowers each person to overcome challenges using their own strengths, skills and abilities; many of which they may not even be aware they possess.

Through their successes and from others, these individuals will learn new methods of dealing with the many obstacles faced in daily life. Aside from wilderness adventures and treks, a series of intense but nurturing therapies consisting of individual, group and peer to peer, conducted be certified therapists will note any underlying emotional concerns. Recognizing the root causes of any poor behaviors, therapists will be able to treat the whole individual and not just the diagnoses.

For more information regarding effective wilderness therapy in the USA, give us a call today at Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy, (800)794-0980.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in the Northwest

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in the Northwest
Considered the number one addictive substance since its inception, alcohol not only has life threatening consequences to the individual user, it can have devastating effects on an entire family unit. There are those who may reach their goal of sobriety with the assistance of a community program and support. For others however, accompanying emotions concerns involved can take more time for the body to get in sync with the mind. For those requiring more time to achieve their goals of becoming completely clean and sober, there is an exceptional long term alcohol rehab treatment center in the Northwest.

Long Term Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center in the Northwest
In a safe, respectful and supportive environment, guest work with certified therapists developing a treatment plan based on their goals and interests. Often, those recovering from addiction need to recover some sense of purpose, belonging and personal fulfillment. To assist in this process, guests are assigned daily ranch chores. This is also a good time for individuals to reflect on their past behaviors and where they see themselves in future. Working individually and in a team environment, guests will learn to make healthy choices and tale responsibility for those choices. This includes learning that recovery happens from the inside out starting with healthy eating and rest. Often responsible for preparing their own meals, complete holistic food preparation is part of the curriculum.

When not participating in individual, group or peer to peer therapy, life skills lessons, work programs, community volunteer programs or mentoring new arrivals, guests are kept extremely busy. Wilderness treks and adventures put old skills and abilities to use and teach new methods of dealing with life's daily challenges and obstacles; regaining a sense of pride, self-confidence and achievement. Revisiting past hobbies and trying out new interests provides an opportunity for individuals to replace poor behaviors with healthy ones. For more information regarding our highly effective long term alcohol rehab treatment center in the Northwest, give us a call today at Rites of Passage, The Ranch, Wilderness, (800)794-0980. A healthier lifestyle starts here.