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Where to Find Wilderness Therapy in Washington State?

Camp for Overweight Teenagers in the Northwest

It is one thing to be able to remove children and young adults from a potentially destructive environment brought on by emotional and behavioral disorders such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse or ADHD, just to name a few. It's another thing, not just to tell these youth, but to show them they have the ability to take responsibility for their own actions as well as the skills and physical and mental strength to do so.  At Rites of Passage, our programs offer the unique opportunity to help these troubled youth and their families through a range of outdoor trek programs and long term treatment facilities such as wilderness therapy in Washington State.

There will always be a place for traditional therapies in intervention programs. In fact, a number of highly qualified counselors, therapists and instructors work very closely with the youth enrolled in the Rites of Passage Wilderness therapy programs on a daily basis.

However, one can clearly distinguish between a one on one 45 minute per week therapy session in an office setting between a doctor and patient, to that of being placed in a completely natural environment. Something as simple as being in an environment free of many of the influences which may be part of the problem and not the solution may very well open lines of communication.

Something as easy as being referred to as student instead of patient, can also create a positive change.

Taking responsibility for their own shelter, food preparation and navigation as well as overcoming the many obstacles presented to them in the wilderness can be therapeutic. Not only do these actions build self-confidence, it also encourages our students to communicate effectively and work with others including family.

Integrating the adventurous aspects of the program with the therapeutic process allows the student to understand what may have brought them to this point in their young lives'.

If you have a child or young adult struggling with emotional or psychological concerns and would like more information on the Rites of Passage approach to wilderness therapy in Washington State, give us a call at (800)794-0980. Let us help you!

Effective Weight Loss Programs for Teens

Weight Loss Programs for Teens

There are so many contributing factors relating to the causes of obesity that it tends to create significant debates over which are the leading factors. While it is quick and easy to point the finger at poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise, which of course are two very large causes, there still remain the underlying factors. For example; why do some people overeat and/ or don’t participate in physical activity? Considering obesity can lead to major health issues, these questions can be concerning to parents of teens that have weight problems. For these individuals, it is reassuring to know there are effective weight loss programs for teens which focus on the root of the issue, as opposed to expecting long term results based off of a temporary fad diet plan.

A more long term approach to weight loss, such as wilderness therapy programs including a holistic diet plan, is typically healthier and more suitable in order to get teens off the couch and away from video games permanently.

These individuals will also no doubt benefit from learning to eat smaller portions of healthier foods, and how to implement a strategic holistic diet plan while experiencing a positive and rewarding outdoor participation program.

Programs which are most successful for weight loss in teens in the long run, focus on planning and eating healthier foods, teach individuals how to properly identify and prepare meals, in addition to helping them to take responsibility and make better choices overall.

Effective programs also address any underlying issues that may have brought them to this point in their young lives, including inactivity, lack of exercise, video game addiction, or food addiction.

By taking a more therapeutic approach to weight loss, it helps to build teens self-esteem and show them they possess the skills and abilities to make the necessary changes in their lives from within.

If you are seeking a natural and effective weight loss programs for teens, give Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy a call today at (800)794-0980.

The Four Phases of Wilderness Therapy in the Northwest

Wilderness Therapy For Oppositional Defiant Disorder – ODD in Seattle

When a young friend or family member finds themselves caught in the turmoil of substance abuse, depression, anxiety or additional behavioral or emotional concerns, it is almost instinctive to want to help in any way possible. Simply removing these youth or young adults from the environment which may be contributing factors for their behavior does not always solve the root of the issue. Don’t assume that a rehabilitation facility is the only solution; there are other more positive options including wilderness therapy. Throughout the four phases of programs including wilderness therapy in the Northwest, students learn to take responsibility for their actions, as well as to develop a better understanding the impact behaviors may have on themselves and their families as a whole.

Being in a positive and supportive environment, and with a group outside a normal routine can help to emphasize and further develop individual strengths, and opportunities for growth, as well as their ability to work with others toward common goals.

Each of the four phases of our wilderness therapy program is utilized as a milestone and as a stepping stone to the next.

Phase 1 includes an introduction to the program and a physical and psychological evaluation to ensure no issues with their participation may be present. Students then undergo assessment and planning sessions with a therapist in order to determine a strategic plan for development.

Phase 2 focuses on self-reflection, understanding and identification of responsibility through past behaviors. Our staff monitors conversations encouraging students to remain positive and assists in the development process.

Phase 3 is group oriented. Working as a supportive team member and taking on leadership roles and direct responsibilities, through an environment of increased peer interaction and the participation of specific and clear goals.

Phase 4 is considered the mentorship phase of the process. We help students work through any denial they may be experiencing and emotional resistance through wilderness therapy expeditions. A student will then begin to independently practice these new skills including self-esteem, personal strength, and self-confidence.

For more information on this highly effective, safe, and natural method of wilderness therapy in the Northwest, contact us today, Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy at (800)794-0980.

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