Wilderness Trek Tuition Costs

For a Minimum 6 Week Intensive Program


There is a one time Admission fee of $250.
There is a one time Enrollment fee of $2,000, which includes:
  • All individual equipment which is theirs to take home upon graduation
    (to see equipment list please click here)
  • All logistics, field planning and permits
  • Transportation from Seattle airport and between all 5 locations of our program
*Parents are responsible for pickup at Graduation and onward transport back home or to aftercare facility from Graduation location.

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Tuition Beyond 6 Weeks

The average length of stay at our program is between 8-12 weeks.
Discounted Tuition: $495 per day = $3,465 = pro-rated (weekly rate)

What is included?

Aftercare Packages

We have several Aftercare Packages depending on the needs your child or young adult might have when graduating ROP.

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How can I pay?

We accept payments in the form of check, wire transfer, or credit card. For more information and assistance:

Financial Aid Medical Insurance Coverage
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